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🚨🚨 Attention! 🚨🚨

Mizuno and MissGhouls have updated their Terms Of Use (TOU) policies.

Please take a moment to read & understand them before using these resource packs, as it is vitally important that you understand them. If you download & use these resource packs, you are hereby agreeing to the TOU. Violating the TOU can lead to legal actions being taken.

Mizuno's Terms of Use (TOU)

Ghoulcraft - Terms Of Use (TOU)
All Models created by Ghoulcraft are the intellectual property of MissGhouls,
unless otherwise noted (ie: Contest models created by other artists, and several
other models/textures owned by Mizuno). 

※ Do not redistribute the pack as your own, or claim it as your own creation. (This includes porting the pack to BE/PE)
※ Do not modify the pack without express written permission from MissGhouls. 
※ Do not upload the packs to any websites.
※ Do not claim the models or textures as your own.
※ Do not modify the models or textures without express permission from MissGhouls. 
※ Do not steal the models & make "remix" packs.

Failure to abide by this TOU can be met with legal action by both myself, and Mizuno. Please contact MissGhouls via email for any inquiries regarding translating the pack into other languages, remixing it, recoloring it, etc.


Ghoulcraft works in versions 1.13 up to 1.16! 

You may need to use the experimental versions of Optifine in order to get it to work. Please check the [Help] page for more details regarding missing models with optifine.

If you have any issues, please check the [Discord]. 

Please be aware, you can only join the Server in 1.15 and 1.16.3 at this time.


What is The Ghoulcraft Resource Pack?

Ghoulcraft is a Resource Pack for Minecraft (Versions 1.13 up to 1.16) as well as for Bedrock/PE now! 

For Java: Rename items in an anvil, and place them into item frames to create furniture and other decorations similar to what a mod can offer, but without the use of Forge.
For Bedrock/PE: Summon the items in creative mode using "/function" and place the items directly into the game!

These items cannot be interacted with and are for aesthetic use only. Please pay careful attention to the catalogs, to understand how to place the items.

Ghoulcraft was made to match the popular resource pack "Mizuno's 16 craft" and their wonderful CIT pack (both found [Here]). It works independently from Mizuno's Resource pack, but does require the CIT pack for specific items (such as the matching table legs). Mizuno's Invisible Item Frames (found [Here]) work perfectly with all of these as well.

If you have any questions about Ghoulcraft, make sure you check out our [HELP] page, and then hop on our [ CIT Discord] 💙

What is The Ghoulcraft Server?

The Ghoulcraft Server, is a 1.15 Vanilla Survival Server with a Creative Plots world. We hold regular Events and Contests, and have a variety of interesting plugins to keep things fun & interesting! We use a custom resource pack (Mizuno's textures + CIT, plus Ghoulcraft's Furniture, Medieval, Food/Wearables packs) and Optifine to create a truly amazing array of decorations and attractions!

We also have: 

✨ Grief Prevention & Land-Claim!
✨ Creative Plots & Survival World!
✨ Editable Armor Stands!
✨ Add Colored names to your items & pets!
✨ Marry your Partners! (Poly Friendly!)
✨ A Catalog of over 2,000 Decorative Items!
✨ Custom Resource Pack (Updates w/ season!)
✨ Player Head Database!
✨ Custom Terrain!
✨ Customizable NPC's!
✨ Donor & Voter Rewards!
✨ Beautiful Builds & Event spaces!

If you're interested in joining the Ghoulcraft Server, please stop by our [Server Discord] and introduce yourself! We will be holding regular events (contests with in-game prizes, minigames, and more!). 

The Server is 1.15 (but you can join in 1.15.3-1.6.3).
Optifine is recommended and can be joined at:


We hope to see you there!