- Banner Maker -

On Ghoulcraft, players with 🌸 (Sakura) rank or higher, can use the Banner-Maker plugin to create banners without layering limits or supplies! Type "/bm " to open the GUI and click on the interface to create & save your banners. You can sell them, keep them, or give them to friends! Check out [PlanetMinecraft] for ideas on banners you could make! 

- Custom Maps -

We understand how players love their Map Art, but with limited space on the map & custom terrain, it's difficult to find a place to put it, without taking up precious room. So we're offering Custom Maps in-game for $5 in the Donor Shop. Simply DM an Admin with the 128x128 artwork you would like (Links or actual files are accepted. Please Resize to 128x128 before sending). An admin will create your map for you and deliver it as soon as possible.