Bedrock Edition

🚨🚨 Attention! 🚨🚨

Ghoulcraft is owned & operated by MissGhouls
Kao has been granted sole permission to port Ghoulcraft to Minecraft Bedrock/PE. This is a HIGHLY requested project, and requires an astronomical amount of work. Please be patient with both MissGhouls and Kao as they work together to bring you this much-anticipated project for your enjoyment.

Mizuno and MissGhouls have updated their Terms Of Use (TOU) policies.
Please take a moment to read & understand them before using these resource packs, as it is vitally important that you understand them. If you download & use these resource packs, you are hereby agreeing to the TOU. Violating the TOU can lead to legal actions being taken. 

Mizuno's Terms of Use (TOU)

Ghoulcraft - Terms Of Use (TOU)

All Models created by Ghoulcraft are the intellectual property of MissGhouls,unless otherwise noted (ie: Contest models created by other artists, and severalother models/textures owned by Mizuno). 

β€» Do not redistribute the pack as your own, or claim it as your own creation. (This includes reporting the pack to BE/PE)

β€» Do not modify the pack without express written permission from MissGhouls.

β€» Do not upload the packs to any websites.

β€» Do not claim the models or textures as your own.

β€» Do not modify the models or textures without express permission from MissGhouls.

β€» Do not steal the models & make "remix" packs.

Failure to abide by this TOU can be met with legal action by both myself, and Mizuno. Please contact MissGhouls via email for any inquiries regarding translating the pack into other languages, remixing it, recoloring it, etc.


⚠️ A few Important notes! ⚠️

  • Remember! Items/Blocks in this pack are not solid objects, they cannot be interacted with & are purely for aesthetics only!

  • Ghoulcraft BE only works on Windows 10, Android, & Apple Devices – Running Minecraft Bedrock/Pocket Edition 1.16.200+ and above. It doesn't work on consoles! 

  • All items/blocks are obtainable via /function command!

  • The following also needs to be turned on in order for the pack to work: Holiday Creator Features, Additional Modding Capabilities, and Cheats.

Ghoulcraft BE uses a Data-Driven Block method or CIM (Custom Item Model). You do not need any other special packs to use this. Ghoulcraft BE uses "Modified-Vanilla Textures" as of the moment, and will not look exactly like java edition items. Ghoulcraft BE only works on Minecraft Bedrock/Pocket Edition 1.16.200+

Please check the Ghoulcraft BE [Discord] if you have any problems.

⚠️Please be aware!⚠️

MissGhouls & her Discord staff will not be able to assist you with bedrock-related questions! Please direct all Bedrock-related questions to Kao's discord so that they may better assist you! πŸ’™


Welcome to the Ghoulcraft BE Catalog! 

Please make sure you take a second to watch the Tutorial Video below in case you’re not
familiar with how an Add-On pack like Ghoulcraft works!

Click on the links below to visit the Bedrock Edition Catalog!
(While the resource pack is in development, many items will be missing and/or buggy! Please be patient while Kao finishes their work!)


If you have any questions or concerns, please visit [Ghoulcraft BE's Discord]! We will do our best to answer questions and messages as soon as possible, but please be patient. πŸ’™

If you have a suggestion, Please use the discord and do not contact MissGhouls or Kao privately.


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