Welcome to the Ghoulcraft Catalog! 

Please make sure you take a second to watch the Tutorial Video below in case you’re not
familiar with how a Resource Pack like Ghoulcraft works!



⚠️ Ghoulcraft is not a mod! ⚠️

Remember, items in this pack are not solid objects, and are purely for aesthetics! You cannot interact with them like items from modpacks (but you can place items on top of chests, barrels, trapdoors, etc to give the illusion of being real!). You will need Optifine in order to use this resource pack, and it is currently Not Compatible with Forge.

If you have any questions or concerns, please check out our [FAQ page]! If you still have a question, you can [Contact Us] and I will do my best to answer questions and messages as soon as possible, but please be patient 💙 

If you have a suggestion, Please use the discord and do not contact MissGhouls privately.

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The Catalog is sectioned into different categories to help you find what you need! Inside the catalog, check the RIGHT-MOST COLUMN to see what Pack the item belongs to, to make sure you're downloading the right one. Some items are repeated in different categories, so that you can better find them.

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