Land Claim & Protection

We want you to protect yourselves against griefers and thieves, so here are a few ways to do just that! 


To claim land on Ghoulcraft, simply right-click the ground with a golden shovel! A Diamond Block will appear where you clicked. Go to the OPPOSITE corner of where you want to claim, and right-click again! The corner blocks will turn into gold & Glowstone if you've done it correctly. This is now your protected area! Alternatively, you can also place down a chest to begin a protection zone. Just right-click the corners with your shovel & expand it as you see fit! 

You can earn claim blocks by being online, or by buying them from the Donor Shop [Here]

Some Helpful Commands for Land-Claiming:

  • /AbandonClaim -- This deletes the claim you're standing in. 
  • /AbandonALLclaims -- This deletes EVERY claim you own, in case you need to start over! Be VERY careful using this one, as we cannot give you your claims back! 
  • /ClaimExplosions -- If you'd like to use TNT in your claim to demolish something, turn this on first!
  • /Trust -- Gives another player permission to build/destroy in your claim. (You will need to allow them access to your chests with LWC commands below!)
  • /Untrust -- Removes the above permission. 
  • /Untrust All -- Removes ALL permissions for your claim.
  • /AccessTrust -- Gives permission for a player to use buttons/levers/beds but NOT your chests!
  • /ContainerTrust -- Gives player permission to use ALL interactive objects in your claim. 
  • /TrustList -- Lists the permissions for the claim you're standing inside. 
  • /BuyClaimBlocks -- Converts your server money into claim blocks
  • /SellClaimBlocks -- Convers your saved up claim blocks into server money!
  • /ClaimsList -- Lists all of your claims & coordinates for them (helpful in case you lose your base!)
  • /Trapped -- If you get stuck in someone's claim & can't get out (because of locked doors/etc) this should help!

LWC = Locked With Care

LWC allows you to punch a container/door/lever/etc (anything you can interact with) and protect it so only you, and those you specify, can interact with it.. You can even set super-secret passwords! Chests are automatically locked when you place them down.


  • /cpublic -- Toggle, and punch a chest. Makes it public/unclaimed & cannot be protected.
  • /cpassword [password] -- Creates a password-protected chest. Example: “/cpassword fluffernutter”. Password will be entered in chat when prompted by trying to interact with the object.
  • /cunlock [password] -- Type this, then punch the object to unlock a password-protected item.
  • /cprivate [users] -- Makes the item now private to only the owner & whoever they specify in users. (Example: /cprivate YouthInRevolt)
  • /cremove -- removes protections
  • /cpersist -- Keeps the toggle on, so you can punch multiple things. 
  • /cmodify [users] -- allows this person to interact with your protected item. Adding a “-” in front of the name, removes them from the list. 
  • /cinfo -- view information about the protected object.
  • /lwc flag [flag name] [on/off] -- Enables/Disables flags for things.
    • Flags Include:
      • “Magnet” -- Puts Nearby dropped items into a protected chest.
      • “Redstone” -- If turned on, Redstone can influence a protected block. For example, Doors, a hopper, etc.
      • “Auto-Close” -- Closed a protected door if it was left open.
      • “AllowExplosions” -- Allows a protected block to be destroyed by explosions.
      • “Hopper” -- Controls whether or not hoppers can be used on the protected block.