server update

🌷🌸 Ghoulcraft is doing some Spring Cleaning! 🌸🌷

 We're currently updated to 1.16.5! Please update your Optifine & redownload the server pack (check #helpful-things or the #announcements channel for links/instructions!)

Lots of new changes are happening, so check back here or the discord often for updates!

  • 1.16 update: Explore the new nether and bring home all of it's new & exciting blocks!
  • A Spring Festival: Explore the Cherry Blossom Festival and earn special Spring Crate keys by finding the 25 hidden totoro heads around the festival grounds! Every evening there's a fireworks show over the water!
  • Veinminer Now works on Nether materials (gold ore, gilded blackstone, and the warped/crimson stems/hyphae)! 
  • New way to bottle EXP! Visit "/warp enchant" for instructions!
  • New Mail system! Mail your friends letters, packages, and gifts! Visit [This Link] to find out how!


  • Player Shops: You've asked for it, we're finally bringing it to you! Buy and Sell your items in your own special shops instead of the clunky auction house! 
  • New Vote Crate Rewards!: Sick of Soup, Broken Boots, and Witch hats? We get you. Brand new items are on their way to the crates! 

Of course there's LOTS more where that came from, so keep your eyes on the #announcements channel on the [Discord] for more updates & news! Remember, we have a #suggestions channel if you'd like to see something special added to the server, so pop your ideas in there for us πŸ’™