server update

🌷🌸 Ghoulcraft is doing some Spring Cleaning! 🌸🌷

 We're currently updated to 1.16.5! Please update your Optifine & redownload the server pack (check #helpful-things or the #announcements channel for links/instructions!)

Lots of new changes are happening, so check back here or the discord often for updates!

  • 1.16 update: Explore the new nether and bring home all of it's new & exciting blocks!
  • A Spring Festival: Explore the Cherry Blossom Festival and earn special Spring Crate keys by finding the 25 hidden totoro heads around the festival grounds! Every evening there's a fireworks show over the water!
  • Veinminer Now works on Nether materials (gold ore, gilded blackstone, and the warped/crimson stems/hyphae)! 
  • New way to bottle EXP! Visit "/warp enchant" for instructions!
  • New Mail system! Mail your friends letters, packages, and gifts! Visit [This Link] to find out how!
  • New Vote Crate Rewards!: Sick of Soup, Broken Boots, and Witch hats? We get you. Brand new items are here! Tons of new enchantments and higher rewards! Remember, you can get 4 vote keys per day with "/vote", or you can buy extra keys in the donor shop. 


  • Player Shops: You've asked for it, we're finally bringing it to you! Buy and Sell your items in your own special shops instead of the clunky auction house! 
  • Summer Build Contest!: Get ready for a summer build contest! Winners will have their builds become a part of the Summer Event area, as well as receiving some awesome rewards!

Of course there's LOTS more where that came from, so keep your eyes on the #announcements channel on the [Discord] (age 13+) for more updates & news, or you can check back here, or "/warp news" for more info! Remember, we have a #suggestions channel if you'd like to see something special added to the server, so pop your ideas in there for us πŸ’™